Tuesday, June 20, 2006


A spam analysis center has warned a Trojan horse is being spammed out to email addresses disguised as a message claiming that George W. Bush and Tony Blair are conspiring with oil companies to push up gas prices:
Dear colleagues and friends

We are circulating an attachment proving the major oil companies are working closely with certain politicians (as can be seen in the attached photo) to keep petrol prices at an all time high.

After a year of rising prices it is the public that are now bearing the cost of the fall out in the Middle East. Do you think this is fair? Bush and Blair can be seen shaking hands with the president of BP and Texaco after a hush hush meeting. The attached article shows that Bush and Blair know that high petrol prices drives Barrel prices up-words and so in turn increases the value of stockpiled oil. This is hiding the costs of the recent and on-going troubles in the Middle East and is a ploy to keep the current Governments confidence rating high in the public eye.
If you're pissed enough about that "high" government confidence rating to open the attachment, your computer gets infected.

Other come-ons being used by the hackers to distribute the Trojan horse include news reports that Michael Jackson has committed suicide or that Osama Bin Laden has been killed.

OK, those seem pretty bipartisan, but why aren't there any extreme righty ones? Don't the hackers think they would fall for them? After all, aren't Bush supporters just a "horde of ignoramuses"?


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