Thursday, August 24, 2006


We get our home Internet access via a wireless router linked to a broadband access point, as do most folks we know around here (come to think of it, I think my mom is the only person left on the planet who still does wired dial-up).

I thought we were pretty nifty by having an Internet on-ramp for any wireless-equipped PC in range but I was wrong. Now we're nifty: our stereo has joined our network via this gadget.

Bottom line: I can now use my computer to play iTunes music on the stereo. My computer can be anywhere in network range and so long as the mongo hard drive housing the iTunes library is on and in range, I can control the stereo (which is in the basement). It's like magic.

Bottomer line: I am on a mission to finally rip all our CD's to iTunes. And we have an awful lot of CD's. Blogging? Qu'est que c'est?


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