Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Not that I really keep up on conspiracy theories, but this was a new one to me: native (2/3 of Spitbull is based in the Twin Cities) son/celeb Josh Hartnett recently let loose with this brainwave about the fatal 2002 plane crash of Minnesota Sen. Paul Wellstone:
"It didn't make any sense," Hartnett muses to GQ. "It still doesn't make any sense." President Bush "made something like eight or ten visits to Minneapolis" to support Wellstone's opponent, Norm Coleman. "It was really, really suspicious, but I don't even want to think that."
Yep. That Bush. Too dumb to take out Osama bin Laden, even with the help of the entire civilized world. But crafty enough to secretly assassinate his real enemy: a democratic candidate campaigning for re-election, without anyone (except a 23 year old celebrity) figuring it out.


He's not the *only* one to figure it out. Garrison Keillor had it nailed way back when.

By Blogger Pants DailyOn, at 1:16 AM  

Then it must be right!

Actually, my favorite part is the idea that the plane crash is somehow linked to Bush's visits to Minneapolis. If you want something done right you have to do it yourself ...

By Blogger ELOISE, at 11:10 AM  

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