Thursday, December 14, 2006


I have long reached that stage in life where beautiful young women look at me (if they look at all) solely as a source of babysitting revenue. But Sunday I got not one, but two looks!

She was gorgeous. Probably around 25 or so, blonde, maybe 5'7". Low ride jeans, tight, powder blue top. She was quite thin, but still really nicely curvy, even disproportionately so, in all my favorite places. And – I distinctly remember – she was wearing artsy-looking eyeglasses with green frames. (What is it about eyeglasses that’s so sexy?)

So here’s what happened. I was out Christmas shopping with my two older sons, ages 4 and 2 years old. We came across a store with a revolving door, my 4-year-old’s first encounter with such a fascinating device. Of course I had to let him try it. He went in first, followed by me, holding the 2-year-old in the next section. The gorgeous young woman then entered the next section of the door.

The 4-year-old gathered impressive, properly counter-clockwise momentum, pushing with all his little heart. Then, when he reached the interior of the store, he suddenly decided to go back out the way he came, pushing hard on the opposite wall.

"Stop!" I yelled, but it was just too late. I turned around to warn, but way too late. The door smacked the girl right in the face.

Look #1 was a sort of shock, just what you’d expect of a person unexpectedly thwacked in the face with a heavy glass pane. Look #2 was one I recognize too well – intense irritation.


Bummer. One of the few advantages to dragging your spawn along to someplace where adults go is that you can usually count on an "aw, aren't they cute" look from a sexy young unapproachable. I guess smacking them in the face kind of ruins that effect.

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