Tuesday, February 03, 2004


All the Northern Alliance bloggers were given a pop quiz on their predictions for the 2004 presidential election at last Saturday's meetup (As previously reported by the Fraters' Elder) so we could all earn our pundit-hats. Now Powerline's Hinderocket has gone for extra credit with a long thoughtful post predicting a Kerry victory. Sensing a pundit-crown may be at issue, Mitch Berg and the Elder disagree. (But beware the echo chamber, boys!)

I punted on the quiz, as I punted on the group photo, so all blame rests with the Warrior Monk when Hugh Hewitt announces the results to the world and tries to make fun of us in the telling. (Hugh didn't take the quiz himself--neither did Lileks who was possibly tipped off in advance and so hid out at an undisclosed location). And so will it surprise you to hear I'm punting on the extra credit too?

After Saturday's lunch I can safely say: I've met pundits and I'm no pundit. But as the self-designated non-pundit, can I say that I'm tickled by an Op-Ed in today's New York's Times' take on the race and John Kerry in particular (George W. Bush was left unanalyzed):
He has a judicial character, but also has little tolerance for fools. Born with the rare Mars retrograde, he entered life with a rage — a deep, inner need to overcome (the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. also had the Mars retrograde). He has a strong sense of responsibility as well as feelings of caution about his message. Over the last 18 months the planets have empowered him with core strength. The long-term picture depicts him achieving his highest goals.
(hat tip: Crooked Timber)

I'm sure Kerry will be heartened to know that he's got the astrology vote nailed down. Now on to the remaining 99.99% (we hope it's at least that) of the electorate.


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