Friday, April 16, 2004


I had no idea guys fake it for other guys too.

J.B. Doubtless of Fraters Libertas today recounts how he aped "some garbage I heard on Sportscenter" in order to score an "interesting night of conversation with the guy and the bartender about all sorts of interesting topics." (Was it the San Francisco air that so inspired him?)

Years ago, I was astonished to find how easy it is to fake it (conversationally as opposed to the conventional gal-faking-it-methodology) where men are concerned.

For one basketball season I actually read the sports pages (all I could stomach; I haven't done it since). Seated next to a guy I hadn't met before at a friend's wedding I proceeded to (using J.B.'s nomenclature) "ape the garbage." It was kind of pathetic to see how quickly his eyes lit up. A woman who speaks sports fluently (note to the one or two women who visit this blog: reading the sports page from the newspaper is all it takes to achieve sports fluency)! Approximately the right age and not too ugly! I swear he might have proposed right then and there had I not confessed. Hey Warrior Monk: is this trick a form of orgasm denial?


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