Monday, May 22, 2006


We at Spitbull are fascinated, one might say even obsessed, with the science of fake etymology. After all, we're the ones that uncovered irrefutible evidence of the tooth fairy's real name. And now here's another gem to add to our collection:

Jon Stewart: Uh, the way you've explained the tax cuts doesn't really seem fair.

John Hodgman: Fairness isn't really the point. They don't call economics the dismal science because it's fair.

JS: Well, I suppose not.

JH: No, no, they call it that after Sir Eustice Dismal. The 18th century English economist who proposed making smokestacks out of children.

JS: I uh, I actually never knew that.

JH: Yes, it was a very interesting proposal but ultimately flawed. I mean if you make the smokestacks out of children who will you force to clean them?...

JH: Yes, it's referred to as Dismal's paradox.

(Via Marginal Revolution)

We did not know that!

And, if you ask Spitbull, passing out negotiable tender in exchange for, of all things, human teeth, should be known as the Dismal Deal. Our heart goes out to Flitterpuff. (No, we don't want to know what she intends to do with all those teeth, thank you).


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