Sunday, July 30, 2006


The five year old has lost her first tooth. She is perpetually hard up for cash (she tends to misplace it) so has looked forward to the easy money of tooth barter for some time.

She dictated this note:

Dear Tooth Fairy:

My tooth is in this box. This is the first tooth I even lost. Don’t look under my pillow, because, as I said, my tooth is in this box. This one right here --->

I love you.


/s/ [the five year old]

P.S. Take the tooth but don’t take the box. I have to give it back to [my sister]

The box was our idea as the tooth fairy has been known to overlook teeth left under the pillow without protection (we didn't reveal that she almost always leaves the dough even if she can't find the tooth).

We are all anxiously awaiting Flitterpuff's visit.

UPDATE: and now her sister has lost a tooth too! The Tooth Fairy is going to experience a cash crunch if this keeps up.


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