Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The five year old, thwarted in her guinea pig dreams, recently took pet matters in her own hands and bought some sea monkeys. We couldn't really prevent it, though we wanted to. She used her own hard-earned (primarily via tooth loss) cash stash.

But, as predicted, we've ended up being the ones responsible for feeding them and generally keeping them alive. Not that it's that hard, as it turns out. Although the Warrior Monk assured me that his childhood sea monkeys lived only a few days, ours seem to be thriving. I'm alarmed to learn they can grow to be 3/4 of an inch long. What do you do with them then? I've scoured the official web site and I see no reference to eating them, even though they are (a species of brine) shrimp.

And, even if they were edible, the five year old would probably notice and object. Every few days, she checks them out and coos "they're so cute!" Clearly, she has a low standard for pet attractiveness.

So we bought a Roomba. She thinks it's cute too and, so far, is actually cleaning up her room before letting it loose so it doesn't choke on one of her toys.

I feel brilliant.


Sea Monkeys are edible....to fish, anyhow. Brine shrimp make good eats for tropical fish (it's kind of overkill to feed live brine shrimp to a $.10 goldfish).

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